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Clear the Steam Ep. 6 – Sauna Brews on a Wood Stove

What are Sauna Brews? Many sauna bathers like to enhance their sauna ritual by adding scented water to their sauna rocks. Often essential oils are used, which are diluted and poured over the rocks a ladle at a time. We have a new all-natural product which can be used to generate the same aromatherapy benefits […]

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Clear the Steam Ep. 5 – Go Jump in the Lake

What is a Cold Plunge?                 Many sauna enthusiasts enjoy a cold dip in the lake or the pool after a good sweat in the sauna. What is the deal with this, and what are the benefits of taking a cold plunge between sauna sessions? The cold plunge is meant to help cool the body […]

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Clear the Steam Ep. 4 – What wood would you use in a sauna?

Western Red Cedar, the Gold Standard for Sauna Construction                 Western Red Cedar has been the default type of softwood for sauna construction for many decades. This material has been available from mills on the west coast of Canada and contains many benefits that make it ideal for sauna construction. It is a light weight […]

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Clear the Steam Ep. 3 – How Tall is Too Tall?

84” Height – an industry standard                 One question I hear frequently is “What is the best height for the sauna room?” Many DIY sauna kits include material for 84”, and I would like to explore where this came from. There are companies out there who say the ceiling should be less than 7’. There […]

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Clear the Steam Ep. 2 – A Blast of Heat from the Past

A Sauna Blog by Robert Furlong Savu Sauna Heaters I recently came across an interesting find at a ReStore, by Habitat for Humanity. It was an old Savu Sauna heater, a model that has not been manufactured in over 30 years. This heater is typical of many older heaters produced during that time. It is […]

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Clear the Steam ep. 1 – The Epistles of the Sauna Guru

The Epistles of the Sauna Guru                 Hello, and welcome to Clear the Steam, my new sauna blog! I have been building sauna kits in Waterloo Region, Ontario, for the past ten years. Speaking to sauna enthusiasts about their projects has become a passion of mine. I benefitted greatly from the mentorship of a sauna […]

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