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Who Are We?

Your One Stop Sauna Shop

Unleash the full potential of your sauna project without the hassle and uncertainty of sourcing items individually. You’ve done the research, you know the heater you want, the perfect door, and the finest lumber to do the job. Now you face the daunting task of securing the best prices for each. Don’t let shipping costs, varied arrival times, and unexpected delays derail your dream of building your own sauna.

Welcome to our area of expertise. We supply everything you need for the interior of your framed and insulated room. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we offer clear Western Red Cedar sauna kits, as well as a wide selection of sauna heaters and handcrafted doors for you to choose from.

By bundling all these essentials together, we can provide exclusive factory discounts, ensuring exceptional value for your investment.

When you purchase a sauna kit from us, you’re not just buying materials – you’re gaining access to a dedicated team of sauna building professionals. With our unparalleled experience and expertise, we (literally) wrote the book. With our access to high quality building materials, we can help you build your dream sauna in no time.

So, why were you looking to buy it all separately again?

Expertise Gained from a Sauna Pioneer to Design Superior Sauna Kits

Our journey begins in 1974, when sauna pioneer Bert (Pertti) O. Jalasjaa began selling sauna kits and heaters under the name Savu Saunas. In 1981, he released the first edition of his book, “The Art of Sauna Building”, now a bestseller on its 11th edition. His innovative designs and plans, showcased within the pages of this book, have stood the test of time and continue to shape the industry today. Drawing upon this wealth of knowledge we are proud to launch our new sauna blog, “Clear the Steam”. Aiming to discuss and dispel common misconceptions about saunas, we continue to use the fundamentals of sauna design learned from our founder’s invaluable expertise to build sauna kits that will stand the test of time.

“This book is dedicated to all of you who approach the sauna in the proper spirit and want to do it right. Have a good sauna!” – The Art of Sauna Building 

Home Saunas founder Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

Your Next Steps in the Sauna building adventure

Our sauna experts can help design a sauna for nearly any space. With us, you will benefit from expert knowledge and guidance, and receive materials that meet the highest standards. Our plans and designs help make the sauna lifestyle accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking for a home spa experience, or an addition to your gym and workout routine, we can help you design your oasis from the stress of modern life.

If you are building your custom sauna room in the next few months we can have your quote sent to you within one business day. Just head over to our DIY Sauna Kits page linked below to get started!

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The Art of Sauna Building

The Complete Sauna Building Book: How to Plan, Build, and Use an Authentic Traditional Sauna, and save thousands by doing it yourself.

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