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Why Buy a Do-It-Yourself Sauna Kit?

Here are some great reasons why it makes great sense to buy a do it yourself sauna kit.

In the last 20 years, we have seen more and more home improvement projects become viable for the do-it-yourself home owner. This article is one of many articles in our library that are intended to guide you through buying a sauna, building a sauna and getting the most benefit from using your sauna – especially the do-it-yourself-sauna once it is built.

6 Reasons Why the Installation of a Do-It-Yourself Sauna Kit Makes Sense

There are 6 strong reasons why the Do It Yourself sauna kit has become such a popular choice among home owners today.

  1. Save Money – When the typical saving is in the thousands range, the purchase of a DIY sauna kit makes sense.
  2. Great Instructions are Available – Our DIY kits come with excellent instructions that are matched to the parts in the sauna kit as well as with The Art of Sauna Building book. If the kit comes with a proper material list, it is a sign of a good quality kit.
  3. The Size and Layout can be Customized – A do-it-yourself sauna kit can be easily customized by the manufacturer to fit any spot in the basement, beside the bathroom and actually anywhere in the home. The D-I-Y sauna kit even works well as an outdoor sauna kit.
  4. Creating Value in the Home – An investment for a home sauna kit adds several times the value to the home.
  5. Personal Satisfaction – Among the many saunas that were designed to the author’s standards over the years, many were sold to customers who were not handy. But with good instructions, the saunas were successfully built, even by those not gifted with handiness. One story is about two sisters sharing a home. They were not handy but they believed that this was the right thing to do as they could not afford a carpenter to install the sauna. They were meticulous in reading and following the instructions to the letter. Upon completion, they were ecstatic at their lovely creation. Their thank you letter to us is still prized memorabilia. (Yes, we sold a lot of DIY sauna kits as a result of their connections!).
  6. Health Benefits – The health benefits of a real sauna are well-known to all who use their saunas regularly. Want to reduce colds and the flu by 70%? Regular use of the sauna will boost your auto-immune system, Want to sleep better? You will after a sauna. Want to have younger-looking skin? The sauna has a way of making you shed the dead skin cells on your face. Is a DIY sauna project starting to look good yet?

5 Tips to Ease Your Mind:

  1. Hire an electrician. A licensed electrician will be needed to do the electrical work. The wiring needs to be installed early in the construction process. Every home in North America has the 220-volt power needed – it’s the same hook-up as your kitchen stove.
  2. Plumber not required. A sauna does not need plumbing. A sauna bucket will hold the water to throw on the stones to change the humidity. If water is used with some diligence, no drain is needed.
  3. Get the most important planning tool for a DIY sauna installation – Get a copy of the book, “The Art of Sauna Building“, available from our website with free shipping.
  4. Buy a complete sauna kit from a manufacturer, their factory- sauna store or a local sauna dealer. You will save considerable time and frustration by buying a professional sauna kit for DIY installation from a knowledgeable supplier.
  5. Get the best advice from real sauna practitioners – there is a lot of misleading and bad data on the internet today. Reach out to us if you need help and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

So, Is a Sauna a Realistic DIY Project?

With the right materials, plans, and some care and attention to detail, a sauna can absolutely be a realistic DIY project for anyone willing to take it on.

When you buy a sauna kit from us, you’re buying from a dedicated team of sauna building professionals. We supply you with everything you need to be successful from the initial planning to the final installation. We’re also available to answer any questions you have during your sauna building journey.


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