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Clear the Steam Ep. 6 – Sauna Brews on a Wood Stove

What are Sauna Brews?

Many sauna bathers like to enhance their sauna ritual by adding scented water to their sauna rocks. Often essential oils are used, which are diluted and poured over the rocks a ladle at a time. We have a new all-natural product which can be used to generate the same aromatherapy benefits in your sauna room. Our Sauna Brews are bundles of natural aromatic herbs, sewn into a cotton bag. These are boiled in water, similar to a tea bag, and then poured over the rocks using a bucket and ladle. These are also great for steaming sauna whisks to bring more life into them. The sauna brews can also be used for bathing, or pouring the infusion over your hair. Ultimately it was an enjoyable experience to hear the sizzle of the steam on the rocks, and to smell the infusion afterwards.

My experience with a wood stove in a tent

Near the town of Grand Valley, Ontario, I have a campsite with a 16’ Sibley bell tent, that is my weekend retreat. I found a Winnerwell stove that is designed for use inside a canvas tent. You can read more on the Winnerwell Woodland model here. Thanks to Peter and Grant at the Ridge Campground for helping me build a tent pad for this! The stove is useful for cooking, providing warmth, and giving a gentle ambience to fall asleep to. Having used this stove and tent combo for the past two years, I am more than pleased with the result. Does this compare to a traditional sauna? No, as the heat level is nowhere near what you would expect from a sauna. However, it does get above 60°c (140°f), and I have had great experiences using sauna brews to generate steam. There are many tent sauna options available, and these should be carefully reviewed and inspected for safety reasons. As an advocate for heat therapy of all kinds, this has been a pleasant experience for me in the chill October weather.

Product Review – Winnerwell Sauna Bundle

As an avid camper, and an enthusiast for wood stoves and heat therapy, I decided to try a new product to enhance my campground experience. Winnerwell offers a sauna stone basket and a chimney mounted sauna water dropper to complement their wood stove lineup. I use the sauna stone basket on a regular basis, as I find the stones stay warm for a long time, and help cut the cold at night when the stove goes out. The sauna water dropper was a nice addition as well. As it is chimney mounted, it will automatically warm up while the stove is in operation. The drip feature does provide everything from an occasional drop to a steady stream of water. The only downside is the water will evaporate, and will typically need refilled daily. Overall I enjoy the addition to my camping ritual. While it is not a traditional sauna, it allows me to have some heat therapy on the coldest nights.

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