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Sauna Traditions

Sauna Traditions – Finland’s 2,000 Year Old Heritage

Sauna, which is actually a Finnish word, has a long tradition in the daily lives of Finnish people. People were using saunas in Finland 2,000 years ago. Today there are over 3 million saunas in Finland, which translates to a ratio of one sauna for every two Finns! There are also more saunas than cars in Finland as many people have a sauna at their cottage as well as at home. Today, the Finns and their sauna traditions are acclaimed for their contribution to a healthier lifestyle. Home Sauna Kits – Since 1974 is a leader in advocating better health with regular sauna use in the Finnish style. If the statistic about the 3 million saunas in Finland is shocking, the report came from the Finnish government.

A Place of Reverence and Peace

The sauna means a lot to the Finns. It is not only a place to get clean, but also a place to relax and socialize. Many important business deals have been made in the sauna. This might seem a bit unusual, but when compared to a formal meeting, the atmosphere is more relaxed in a sauna and usually contributes to a positive outcome.

The Finnish Sauna – A Combo ‘Dry” and ‘Moist’

Most people think of the Finnish sauna as a dry heat bath, but in fact, the Finns throw water on the hot stones that warm the sauna to create what is known as “loyly”- the sudden burst of steam that creates a moist heat in the sauna. The steam raises the relative humidity in the sauna from a very dry 6 to 8% to a more comfortable 18 to 30%. Without the moisture, some people find the heat irritating to the mucus membranes.

The Banya is popular in Russia

In this, the Finnish sauna is not unlike its Russian counterpart, the “banya,” a hot vapor bath, which is a popular cleansing, relaxing, and beauty-enhancing treatment. Moscow alone features more than 50 of such large “banya” with room for up to 70 people at a time.

3 Types of Saunas in Finland

There are three types of saunas used in Finland today. A modern sauna with an electric heater is popular because of its convenience. The more common type in rural areas is a sauna with a woodburning heater. Many Finnish people prefer this type over the electrically heated one.

The Savusauna (Smoke Sauna) – Still Loved

The third type is the original smoke sauna or “savusauna”. It has a huge woodburning “heater”, with 200# to 300# of rocks and no stove pipe at all. The smoke is allowed to remain in the sauna while the sauna is heating up to temperature. Before the sauna is used, the smoke is released through a small vent. This type of sauna can still be found in the rural areas.

The sauna traditions of the Finns are acclaimed for their contribution to a healthier lifestyle. Home Saunas Since 1974 is a leader in advocating the health benefits from regular sauna use in the Finnish style

Home Sauna Kits – Since 1974 has sold countless saunas helping people enjoy the health benefits of regular sauna use by detoxing, relaxing & de-stressing