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What is included in a DIY Home Sauna Material Kit?

Here are all the components included in a standard DIY Home Sauna Material Kit. There are many upgrades and accessories that can be added. Ask your advisor today!


Tongue-and-Groove (1×4) – We include 1×4 Cedar T&G for the inside only. The kit includes the four walls and ceiling, with shorter T&G for around the door. Our premium best grade thickest-possible boards (11/16″ thick) are kiln dried to 9% moisture content. We ship full-length T&G boards so there are no joints – for horizontal installation

Please Note:  All our Cedar comes from our partner Cedar mills in British Columbia.  We provide Western Red Cedar at a clear grade A/Btr.

Sauna Heater – A heater is provided, for dry or wet use, including controls and igneous granite rocks.  Floor Models range from 10.5kw-21kw. Heat up time is 20-25 minutes. The heater includes Limited Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer.

Control – Digital Electronic Control is included Standard for Indoor Saunas. For outdoor Saunas we recommend an upgrade to Mechanical Wall Mount Controls or Built-In Mechanical Controls.

Heater Guard – 2 or 3 sided cedar guard, as required by the layout. Included to prevent accidentally burning oneself on the heater.

Benches – two tier benches made from 2×4 cedar are included. Standard widths are 20″ top and 16″ bottom. L-benches are extra, but a 3 or 4 bench layout is available in most sizes.

Bench Frame Supports – made from 2×4 cedar (including screws)

Door – Full window door is included standard for indoor saunas. For outdoor saunas, we recommend an upgrade to a cedar lined door for extra insulation.

Door Jamb – made of 1×6 red cedar. Includes 2×6 threshhold. Includes universal pre-hung hinging left or right hinges. Shipped in a knock down format.


Sauna Parts:

Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier for Saunas, 450 Sq Ft

2 Oval Sauna Lights – All fixtures have a cast aluminum base, with sealer gaskets to keep moisture out. The glass is frosted white and ribbed for strength. For surface mounting, these are true sauna-rated light fixtures for standard 60 watt bulbs.

Sauna Exhaust Vent – Adjustable, Oak Wood Grill, for 3″x10″ R/O

Sauna Intake Vent – Adjustable, Metal, Brown, for 3″x10″ R/O

Corner Trim – for walls and ceiling

FREE Accessories – Our cedar bucket, ladle, and thermometer are included with all our kits


Popular Upgrades:

Optional Duckboard Flooring – Can be added for the walking area only. No duckboard is allowed under the heater, and we don’t recommend under the benches. The cedar duckboard is added in about 50% of kits – a popular upgrade.

Optional Bench Skirting – Can be added for either the top or bottom benches, or both. Skirting will close off the gap between the top and bottom bench, or between the bottom bench and the floor. Half inch gaps are recommended for proper air flow, and to prevent moisture buildup.

Optional Fixed Back Rest – Can be added for the wall behind a top bench. A fixed back rest will attach to the wall and provide a support to lean against.