Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier

Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier


  • Maximizes heat retention to improve performance
  • Protects framing and insulation from moisture
  • Included with all sauna kits
  • Available in 2 sizes, small and large
  • Small is 275 sq. ft.
  • Large is 450 sq. ft.
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The aluminum foil vapor barrier is an important component for your sauna. Once installed it reflects heat back in to the sauna while protecting the structure by not letting moisture be absorbed in to the outer structure. Plastic Vapor barriers will melt in the high heat of the sauna. Install foil so that it overlaps on studs, and secure with wood staples. Foil Tape or red Tuck Tape can be used to repair tears if necessary (Not Provided).

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Roll Size

275 sq ft, 450 sq ft


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