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  • Standard size is 20” top and 16” Bottom
  • We use the strongest 2×4 planks and frames
  • 2×4” Cedar Bench Tops included
  • Cross pieces, fascia, and assembly hardware included
  • Bench Frames available in 2×4 material
  • L-shaped bench options available
  • Custom framing options available

Two Frames required for benches up to 5′, Three Frames required for benches 6′ and over.

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Build your own bench with our cedar-bench kits. Get everything you need to DIY, with the finest-quality materials for maximum strength, support, and durability.

Our benches include the 2×4 planks for the bench tops, 5/4×3 fascia for the front, 1×3 crosspieces to assemble the planks, and galvanized deck screws for assembly.

Bench frames are the most common type of bench mounting. Bench sets can also be installed as floating benches, though extra material will have to be sourced for hangers.

We use 2x4s for our bench frames for maximum stability. Bench Frames are priced separately.

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