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Digital Electronic Control

Digital Electronic Control


  • Digital Electronic Control provides accurate adjustment of your sauna temperature
  • Set the timer for a maximum of 60 minutes operating time
  • Adjust the temperature up to 90c or 190f
  • Discreet temperature sensor gives a digital reading of the temperature
  • For indoor use only – can not install inside the sauna
  • Included with every heater purchase – Upgrade to a Mechanical or Built-In control for outdoor saunas
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The Digital Electronic Sauna controls give you the most accurate control over your sauna experience. The Digital Display gives an accurate reading of your sauna temperature. Designed for Indoor use only, the control can be installed up to 100 feet away from the sauna room. Digital controls must be used with a matching Saunacore and Homecraft heaters. Many people install them indoors to control a backyard sauna.


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