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Fenno Wood-Burning Heater

Fenno Wood-Burning Heater


  • 100lbs of sauna rocks are recommended, sold separately
  • Two sizes available for standard and larger sauna rooms
  • Standard wood-burning heater works in most sauna rooms
  • Heavy-duty wood-burning heater includes internal fire bricks
  • Optional 8-gallon external water tank on the back
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Bring the classic sauna experience home with the Fenno wood-burning heater. This heater is sturdier than most on the market, using thicker steel for internal plating. The heavy duty model is recommended for larger sauna rooms, and includes internal baffling with fire bricks included. Available with an optional external water tank, which can hold up to 8 gallons of water. The water tank is built into the heat shield, but can be lifted out. The tank is only available on the back side. Heater can be fed from an adjacent changeroom. Great for off-the-grid locations at the cottage.

We include heat deflector panels on the stove, which reduces the clearance to any wood surface. The standard heater is rated for a maximum room size of 8×8, while the heavy duty can handle up to a 12×12 room. We recommend using 100# of sauna rocks, which are sold separately

We recommend installing on a 3’x3′ pad of concrete or other non-combustible surface. The heater requires 12″ of clearance to the wall. The burn speed is controlled by adjusting the air flow. The heavy duty model adds additional fire bricks in the flue baffling to retain additional heat.

Model WB-2 – Standard Wood Burning Heater with Heat Deflectors

Model WB-6 – Standard Wood Burning Heater with Heat Deflectors & Water Tank

Model WB-20 – Heavy Duty Wood Burning Heater with Heat Deflectors

Model WB-60 – Heavy Duty Wood Burning Heater with Heat Deflectors & Water Tank


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