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Floor Duckboard Kits (per sq/ft)

Floor Duckboard Kits (per sq/ft)


  • Cedar Duckboard kits to cover the walking area, but not under the benches or heater.
  • Kits can be designed for all sizes of floor spaces.
  • Material is gentler to walk on and a more balanced temperature
  • Assembled on-site using 1” wood staples, and cut to size
  • Cedar planks are made from 1×4 S4S, with 7/16” sleepers underneath.
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Continue the cedar look onto the floor with a floor duckboard kit for your sauna. Custom sizes are based upon the walking area of the room. Duckboard kits are cut and assembled on site for a perfect fit. Cedar is gentler on the feet than bare concrete or tile. A popular addition to a sauna kit!

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