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Saunacore Heavy Duty (HD) Floor Heater

Saunacore Heavy Duty (HD) Floor Heater


  • Available in 240v standard, 208v, and 600 volt models available by request
  • Up to five-year limited warranty with auto steam vaporizer
  • Available with Digital or Mechanical Wall-Mount Controls
  • Sauna stones included
  • Heat deflector and vented body design
  • Automatic steam vaporizer options (plumbing required)
  • Large capacity stone tray holds up to 150lbs
  • Digital or Mechanical Controls – Built-In not available
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Designed for larger homes and commercial use, Saunacore’s energy-efficient, floor-mounted sauna heaters and stoves are strong enough to generate desired heat and steam levels in bigger spaces.

Made of 100% pure stainless steel and industrial-grade silver solder incoloy, the heavy duty grade Standard Commercial ‘HD’ sauna heaters can easily hold 75-150 lbs of sauna rocks.

The Saunacore Digital Mercuri Control comes with a 3-gang junction box to be mounted outside the sauna room. A magnetic contactor is provided with the control for heaters 7.5kw and up.

Additional information

Heater Sizes:

● FSC9: 240v, 9kw
● FSC10.5: 240v, 10.5kw
● FSC12: 240v, 12kw
● FSC15: 240v, 15kw
● FSC18: 240v, 18kw
● FSC21: 240v, 21kw

Physical Size:

● 9000W to 21000W 21”w x 31”h x 19”d

KW Max Room Size
2 100 cu/ft
3 150 cu/ft
4 200 cu/ft
5 250 cu/ft
6 300 cu/ft
7.5 375 cu/ft
9 450 cu/ft
10.5 525 cu/ft
12 600 cu/ft
15 750 cu/ft
18 900 cu/ft
21 1050 cu/ft


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