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Piller Shower Kits

Piller Shower Kits


  • Pillar shower is 78″ in height once constructed
  • Pre-assembled pillar for easy assembly
  • Made of Eastern White Cedar
  • Available in 2 sizes – Sierra or Savannah
  • Economy or Premium shower hardware options
  • Hose connection kit available to connect to a garden hose
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Keep the mess outside with a Pillar Shower from the Canadian Timber Collection by Dundalk Leisurecraft. Easy to assemble, hook up and move around if needed this shower is the perfect choice by your swimming pool or hot tub to rinse off or for a quick cool down.

Pillar showers are available in two models. The Sierra model has a 31″x31″ base, with a narrower 15″ pillar. The Savannah model has a 40″x40″ base, with a 42″ wide pillar. Both are 78″ in Height. Shower hardware is available in two models – Economy shower is cold water only, while the premium shower is hot and cold with a hand-held attachment. Garden hose connection kits are available.


We are proud to offer the Canadian Timber series from Dundalk LeisureCraft. Our kits provide easy instructions for set-up on site. This is a perfect product for a DIY customer, as assembly can be done in 6 hours! No special tools or skills are required, as all pieces are pre-cut and milled to assemble on-site.

Eastern White Cedar is a popular alternative to Western Red Cedar, and has many of the same properties. These kits are supplied and shipped by Dundalk Leisurecraft. It is typically available in stock, and kits ship in about 2-3 weeks. We ship our kits across Canada and the United States.

You can see these assembled pillar showers here!

Sierra Shower – See More

Savannah Shower – See More


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