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Expert Sauna Kit Manufacturer

Home Saunas since 1974 has been the premier DIY sauna kit manufacturer in North America since 1974, providing fully customizable plans and materials to create a beautiful sauna experience at home to over 65,000 customers.

Pioneered from Passion

Born in Finland and raised in Canada, Home Saunas founder Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa is an industry pioneer and recognized “sauna guru” by peers around the world.

Manufacturing and distributing professional, high-quality saunas and accessories since 1974, Home Saunas has served over 65,000 customers in over 28 countries with premium, at-home sauna experiences to bring more relaxation into everyday life.

Committed to making professional, high-quality sauna experiences more accessible, Jalasjaa authored the book, The Art of Sauna Building, to provide an easy-to-read visual guide on how to plan and build your own beautiful at-home sauna experience.

“The sauna experience is the love of my life. Sharing that experience with others has been my greatest passion.” 

Home Saunas founder Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

Continued Growth & Success

An inspired entrepreneur, Jalasjaa began building and selling saunas in 1974, before expanding into cedar lumber-distribution and at-home spa services in response to rising consumer demand.

As the business grew Jalasjaa and his team moved into a spacious 40,000 sq ft facility to offer on-site woodworking, warehousing, and 6,000 sq ft in retail, including an immersive space for individuals and families to safely test different hot tub and sauna experiences before making a purchase decision.

When the demand for cedar gazebos spiked in 1995, Jalasjaa began testing the manufacturing process before scaling a gazebo-making business the following year. With 80,000 sq ft of space and over 48 employees, the new company grew as a gazebo manufacturer as well as a parts supplier to the cedar-distribution and at-home spa divisions.

Launching e-commerce in 2002, Jalasjaa began distributing infrared saunas to the European market, where demand for quality Canadian cedar was growing, and increased sales of the original DIY sauna kits and accessories across North America. Due to the influx of Chinese-made Infrared units, we started focusing on traditional sauna kit only.

By the time Home Saunas Home Saunas reached it’s current level of growth, Jalasjaa announced his retirement and introduced a new generation of leaders, including long-time employees and trusted investors, to bring the best of Home Saunas into the future.

This includes a new, custom-designed 7,700 sq ft showroom, currently under development, featuring the classic DIY sauna kit, set up and on display, as well as parts, heaters, and accessories on display for in-person viewing.

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