HUUM Hive Heater

HUUM Hive Heater


  • Floor-mounted design with adjustable legs
  • Massive stone capacity – 330lbs for Hive Mini and 550lbs for Hive
  • Stainless Steel construction with industrial quality heating elements
  • Controls available with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Precision-crafted in Estonia with a limited 5 year warranty

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The HUUM Hive heaters are an elegant Floor-Mounted solution for larger saunas. It is also available in a smaller Mini version for smaller residential home saunas. The Hive has a massive rock capacity, which can release the heat more gradually and provide lots of space to splash water over the rocks.

The Hive can hold up to 550 lbs of rocks, and the Hive Mini can hold up to 330 lbs. The Mini model can be embedded into benching with the proper flange.

HUUM Heaters are manufactured in Estonia, and their award-winning designs are now available in the North American market. They feature a non-traditional and minimalist look, along with technological innovations such as Wi-Fi controls. Each heater is made to more stringent ETL standards, which are certified to be compliant to CSA/UL standards.. Controls and rocks are sold separately.

Additional information

Heater Sizes:

● 240v, 6kw Mini
● 240v, 9kw Mini
● 240v, 10.5kw Mini
● 240v, 12kw
● 240v, 15kw
● 240v, 18kw

KW Max Room Size
2 100 cu/ft
3 150 cu/ft
4 200 cu/ft
5 250 cu/ft
6 300 cu/ft
7.5 375 cu/ft
9 450 cu/ft
10.5 525 cu/ft
12 600 cu/ft
15 750 cu/ft
18 900 cu/ft
21 1050 cu/ft


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