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HUUM Sauna Rocks

HUUM Sauna Rocks


  • Rounded Olivine Diabase rocks quarried in Finland
  • Great for splashing water to create steam
  • High rock capacity of HUUM heaters allows for extra rocks
  • Available in 33-pound boxes
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Sauna rocks are the heart of any sauna. While providing a nice surface to splash water, they also retain heat and release it more gradually, providing a gentler heat to the sauna bather.

HUUM sauna heaters are known for their much higher rock capacity that most heaters. Increasing the rocks will add to the sauna’s warm-up time, but will allow the heat to remain for longer.

HUUM’s sauna rocks are quarried from Olivine Diabase rock, which is dense and will not break apart in the sauna. They are rounded and do not have any sharp or jagged corners. This is a type of Igneous Granite commonly used in sauna heaters.

These rocks come in 33# boxes, and the number of boxes required varies by the type of heater. We recommend washing the rocks regularly, and switching every 300 hours of use.

Check out the stone requirements below:

HUUM Heaters – Stone Requirements UPDATED

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